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Terms and Conditions:

  1. Web advertisements on can promote any product or service that is legal and allowable within the states of New South Wales and Victoria and the Commonwealth of Australia, that complies with the provisions of the Trade Practices Act, and with the provisio that management of may refuse any advertisement at managements discretion at any time with or without reason.
  2. Insertion fees must be paid at time of booking. Maintenance fees must be paid upon invoice, quarterly and in advance.
  3. Any images (including logos, diagrams, photographs etc) supplied by the Advertiser for use on the Advertisers Web Ad page must be the original copyright property of the Advertiser, or the Advertiser must be authorised to use the images, or the images must be of proven "public domain". and Albury Local Internet will not be held responsible or liable for any breach of copyright of any image supplied by an Advertiser, or any unauthorised use or duplication of the Advertisers images by others beyond the control of and Albury Local Internet. retains copyright of any original material produced by for Advertisers Web Ad page(s) including but not limited to the completed Web Ad page(s).
  4. Where an advertisement has been removed because of notification of any breach of the Trade Practices Act, or a similar breach of laws or regulations, or reasonable complaint from the public, no refunds will be made. The onus is on the supplier of the advertising material to ensure that the service or product offered and the way it is presented complies with any relevant guidelines and regulations, in particular the current Trade Practices Act and relevant documents.
  5. Should any link on any page hosted by lead directly or indirectly to pages or material that are in breach of paragraphs a) and/or b), that page (or link) will be removed until and unless the offending link(s) is removed. No refunds or compensation will be made in this case.
  6. Internet Servers operated by operate under the Unix environment, with the Apache NCSA derivative Web server software. A high level of security is maintained at all times. No "foreign" cgi scripts may be run on servers without approval and implementation by's System Administrators. Existing cgi scripts are available for forms processing and counters. Server-side imagemaps are supported.
    Telnet access and shell accounts are not available on either Albury Local Internet or Servers.
  7. Co-location - considerations will be made to clients requiring platform specific implementations (for example Microsoft Front Page extensions or NT Server) where the client may supply a suitably configured Web Server and rent floor space and bandwidth from Albury Local Internet to connect directly to the Internet through Albury Local Internet's equipment subject to certain conditions being met.
    While all care and consideration will be taken with environmental and operational conditions, it is the responsibility of the client to maintain their own Web Servers, Server Operating Systems and the security of same, and adequately insure them against normal (physical) and electronic risks.
    Neither nor Albury Local Internet will be held responsible or liable for any invasion of, security breach of, unauthorised access to, manipulation of or loss of data from clients Web Servers resulting from any accidental or deliberate exploitation through the Internet.
    Physical access to the Web Servers will be available to the clients authorised personnel only, and except in extreme cases or by arrangement shall be limited to normal business hours of Albury Local Internet.
    No time restrictions are placed by Albury Local Internet or on telnet or similar access to clients own Web Servers. Clients are wholly responsible for the security and authorisation of their Telnet or similar access on their own Servers.
  8. Refund policy: while general policy is that no refunds will be made, consideration will be given on a case by case basis - for example in the event of failure of the Advertisers business or business viability, or on compassionate grounds.
    Refunds in any case will be limited to the pro-rata maintenance fee for the appropriate period, after notification in writing from the Advertiser or the Advertisers authorised agent has been received by A period of one weeks notification must be allowed for the removal of the Advertisers Web Ad page/link or site and any e-mail or fax links.
    Where any refund is less than the cost of postage of the refund cheque and the associated bank charges on the cheque, the Advertiser or the Advertisers authorised agent will be required to collect the "refund" in person at Albury Local Internet.
  9. Where any Web Page ad has been permanently removed and/or cancelled for any reason by either party, including the expiry of the Web Ad page term, the Advertiser or the Advertisers authorised agent hereby authorises Albury Local Internet or to delete all relevant files and any e-mail communications remaining uncollected:
    1. after a reasonable period of time as determined by Albury Local Internet or in the event of an unresolvable dispute arising from the breach of paragraphs a) and/or b);
    2. after one week from the a) receipt of notification from the Advertiser or the Advertisers authorised agent of the cancellation of the Web Ad page or b) natural end of term of the Web Ad page where the term has not been renewed;
    3. after a reasonable period of time as determined by Albury Local Internet or in the event of the failure of the Advertiser or the Advertisers authorised agent to respond to reasonable communications attempts by Albury Local Internet or (eg in the event of an Advertiser ceasing to trade and leaving the region with no forwarding address or instructions).
    4. after three weeks if the Advertisers Web Ad page maintenance period has expired and the appropriate on-going maintenance fee has not been paid, and the Web Ad page has not been officially cancelled, and the Advertiser has not responded to reasonable communications attempts by Albury Local Internet or
    Where a Web Ad page or link has been removed, and the Advertiser wishes any e-mail to be forwarded to a different address, notification must be given in writing at the time of the cancellation/removal/end of term of the Web Ad page or link. A fee may be charged for this service.
    Where an e-mail address used in a Web Ad page or link belongs to an existing and continuing subscriber to Albury Local Internet their e-mail account shall continue normally as if nothing had transpired, and no e-mail shall be deleted unless by their direct explicit instructions to do so.
  10. Acceptance of a Web Ad page from an Advertiser does not imply in any way endorsement of the product or service by or Albury Local Internet.

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