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The format of on the Internet has a simple "front page" interface offering a visually appealing panorama of the region's industry, produce, attractions and culture. Simple category listings can be selected from the front page to explore the options available within. A "search our site" simple search form can also be accessed from the front page to look for a specific business, service or product.

The next level of entry in each category is a comprehensive alphabetical listing of all businesses known to operate in the various relevant fields for that category within the region.

Advertisers with have their business name highlighted as an active link and bulleted with an appropriate graphic. This link leads directly to the Advertisers Web Ad page or Web site.

For additional exposure small graphic "banner" ads can be purchased by an advertiser at special discount rates which will display on the relevant major listings page and act as an additional active link to the advertisers Web Ad page. This option is primarily aimed at the "impulse" opportunity market.

Additionally, a short submission form is included at the bottom of each category with options for businesses to add their business name to the listings, book or make enquires regarding Web Ad space or submit requests to increase or change their existing Web Ad page(s).

For those businesses with listings, but no Web Ad page or link, there will be a direct hot-link to both the White and Yellow pages on the Internet.

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