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Why advertise with is an initiative of Albury Local Internet (ALI).

ALI is a locally owned and operated business that has been providing local call Internet access to the Albury-Wodonga region since 1995, when all the "big boys" in the Internet industry didn't think our region had a sufficiently large interest base and would not be sufficiently "profitable" for them to make the first move. ALI proved them wrong.

When ALI was still growing after 6 months, an influx of "me too" providers saw over a dozen largely metropolitan ISP's move into the area, but no other local initiatives (The CSU is not included here. Their contribution and focus is and should naturally remain with their students).

ALI has still continued to grow through the ensuing two years during which the pace and dynamics of the Internet industry as a whole has been in constant growth and turmoil. Competing interests and powerplays within the Software Industry has given rise to a confusion of options and disregard of standards that at one stage threatened to destroy the cross-platform universality that allowed the Internet, the World Wide Web in particular, to be so accessible.

ALI has been deeply interested and involved in all manner of Web politics and policies. ALI has an in-depth knowledge of what will or will not work in the field of Web publishing and marketing. Through it's base experience as an ISP, ALI has a good feel for the changing demographics of Web users.

ALI realises that the Web will not survive in it's current independent form without quality independent content. The current fragmented approach to Web publishing is creating an overload of disjointed information. Already the search engines are showing signs of strain in trying to fulfil requests.

Allowing major multi-national companies or governments to control content poses the serious threat of manipulation of the population by controlling the nature and amount of information available. General trends in other industries towards pulling basic infrastructure out of "non-profitable" country areas bodes ill for fair representation of country interests by metropolitan multi-nationals and cash-strapped governments.

We have to look after and have control of our own interests. No one else has better motivation. is intended to present a coherent, cohesive and comprehensive gateway to all businesses, small and large, operating throughout the area serviced by the Albury-Wodonga region.

Being a local company owned by people with over 17 years experience of living and working in this region, ALI has a vested, personal interest in promoting the local region, and the technical expertise and marketing experience to make it work.

And finally, ALI will listen to YOU. Should you feel you have suggestions to offer to improve or the promotion of, you can talk to the people who design and implement it. Here. Now. In person at 326 Griffith Road Lavington. The Internet is not a side-line - it is our Business!

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