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The purpose of is multi-faceted:

a) will actively promote to the world the thriving viability of the Albury-Wodonga region as both a place to invest and establish in, and as a supplier of world class "produce" - from primary and manufacturing industries to tourist destinations.

b) will also offer web users the opportunity to purchase on-line. By encouraging a system of establishing accounts between purchasers and suppliers (be they credit card, cash, C.O.D. or some other form of exchange) using more conventional post, fax, phone or personal contact, prospective purchasers will be able to purchase on-line, from the comfort of their own homes, without the inherent risks of using their credit cards over the internet. A uncomplicated system of customer account numbers as determined by the supplier or retailer, with associated delivery details on record, makes on-line transactions and subsequent delivery of ordered merchandise safe and simple.

Orders places over the Internet could be e-mailed to the supplier, or by using our fax-gateway for a small additional charge to cover the fax phone call, orders could be automatically faxed to the supplier. Delivery of the goods would be the responsibility of the supplier, and the method of delivery as determined by the supplier (post, courier, etc).

While the on-line purchasing initiative is intended primarily for the benefit of Albury-Wodonga regional residents, places no restrictions on users from anywhere else in the world taking advantage of the products and services on offer. is not the place for "tinker-toy" home pages. is wholly a commercial proposition and as such expects and demands a certain level of quality to the image of our region as reflected in's pages. Quality not only in content and presentation, but also in preparation. Pages for inclusion in will also be required to pass validation for whatever level of html has been chosen for use in authoring of the page.

In order to facilitate this, offers to create standard web advertising pages AT NO CHARGE*. All you pay is an initial insertion fee (booking space) and a quarterly maintenance fee.

The term of the standard web advertising page is for a minimum of 12 months. Contracts may be renewed or cancelled at the end of each term.

Advertisers may create, code and submit their own web pages. A validation and approval fee will be charged according to the complexity of the submission. Please see our Terms and Conditions for information on what is and is not approved for use on Servers, and the alternatives available. There is no discount for a user supplied page.

An advertising page can be a complete "Home Page" in the traditional sense, meaning it can be your only presence on the Internet. A complete "web site" can be developed for you on if you require one but do not already have one. A complete "web site" can be a single "page", or up to many hundreds of "pages". Advertising pages can also contain active links to your official corporate or small business home page elsewhere on the Internet if you or your company already have one. Web Servers are available for hosting of independent web sites should your existing Web Server be proving unsatisfactory.

*For Web Ad pages chosen from the template range - Packages 1 and 2. Does not include changes made after approval and insertion.

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