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How will work to promote you:

The crux of the mater is that we all need to sell our services or products, our region and our resources. Our market is two pronged - one local to the region, the other outside our region - national and international.

Prosperity for our region is prosperity for us all.

Prosperity increases the dollars available in the local community to buy the products and services we have available. A high national and international profile will increase the amount of outside dollars flowing into the region - through tourism, increased sales of our products on the domestic and export markets, outside investment in our economic prosperity, increased employment opportunities from new investment and expansion of existing industries, large and small.

The growing use of the Internet, either by choice or forced circumstances (the business is using e-mail as the preferred method of inter-office communications, kids have to have it for school, the bank has closed it's local branch but has offered banking services over the Internet, etc, etc) means the demographics of the "average" Internet user has already changed away from computer professionals to include most businesses and professional organisations and individuals, and is now becoming a commonplace tool for the ordinary person in the street.

This opens up exciting possibilities for market promotion, on-line shopping, increased global exposure and raised awareness of our region as a supplier of goods, products and services.

In order to promote to the world, will be

  1. Using the existing infrastructure of the Internet's multitude of "Search Engines" to make sure we are listed with as many of the popular engines as possible, particularly in Australian, America, Europe and Asia.
  2. In addition will be purchasing banner ads on selected sites on the Internet to increase the traffic of visitors to Both the banner ads and the sites will be designed/selected with the demographics of our preferred target markets firmly in mind.
  3. will also be placing advertisements in selected relevant conventional media, nationally and internationally; and offering editorial and press release material as widely as practical.
  4. will be offering various levels of rebates on Advertisers accounts where the Advertiser has included their Web Ad page address and/or's own Web address in their national or international advertising or promotions.

In order to promote locally, will:

  1. Implement a secure system of on-line shopping available to Web users.
  2. Advertise in the local media - radio, press and TV - to increase the public awareness of the on-line services available.
  3. Develop a series of short training courses to be held at Albury Local Internet on a regular basis to give Internet introductions and an overview of how to use the available local services.
  4. Develop, in conjunction with Albury Local Internet, a consistent, simple, user friendly interface to encourage local people to user the services and learn the necessary skills gradually as they go.

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